Gasoline with Ethanol could be an issue for Outdoor Power Equipment

In a national study conducted by Irwin Broh Research in March 2016 among U.S. consumers, nearly two–thirds (65%) were unaware there was a recommended level of 10% or less ethanol in gasoline used for outdoor power equipment.  These results are consistent with the findings from a study OPEI also conducted in March 2016 (64%).

On the other hand, professional grass-cutters and landscapers have an opposite awareness level.  Approximately three-out-of-five (62%) were aware that a 10% or less ethanol level in gasoline was safe for fueling their outdoor power equipment, based on results from a national study of these professionals conducted by Irwin Broh Research during the fall of 2016.   This awareness was highest in the Southern region at 73% versus a much lower, 41%, in the West

In addition to these findings, Irwin Broh Research has reports available regarding consumer and professional outdoor power equipment purchases.

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