Customer Database Management

Irwin Broh Research is experienced in managing customer databases. Our tools allow you to regularly check the most recent data and track it over time – all through a completely confidential platform.

We offer a full range of database services, including:

  • Sales tracking
  • Customer analysis
  • Merge/purge
  • Address standardization
  • Postal discount processing
  • NCOA
  • Custom database selections for targeted mailings
  • Promotional mailing
  • Tracking of coupon use


As customers are adopting new ways of communicating online, we continue to add new techniques to our toolbox. Our warranty card design and data entry programs are designed to leverage the latest tools in online data management.

How it works

We insert a specially-designed warranty card into your product’s packaging or literature. Then, you sit back and let the valuable customer data and feedback flow into your online dashboard. These management reports provide information on everything from customer demographics and loyalty to competitive analysis and price elasticity, and the information is maintained in a database and updated on a regular basis so you can track changes over time.

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