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Outdoor Power Equipment Commercial Market Report

This is an annual study conducted on the commercial market for outdoor power equipment products in October.  It is conducted among commercial grass cutters (lawn maintenance services and landscape contractors) across the U.S.

There are separate reports available for each of the following products:

  • Gas String Trimmers
  • Gas Portable Yard Blowers
  • Gas Hedge Trimmers
  • Gas Chain Saws
  • Gas Lawn Edgers
  • Gas Walk-behind Mowers
  • Gas Riding Mowers
  • Gas Pole Pruners

Each report includes:

  1. Projected number of units owned.
  2. Products purchased during the 2019 season (Oct. 2018 – Sept. 2019).
    1. Projected number of units bought by product-type or size
    2. Brand shares by product-type or size
    3. Type of outlet where purchased
    4. Features wanted, results are shown by brand to help identify differences Results are shown by brand
  3. Percent planning to buy from each product category for next season
  4. Usage of electric and battery-operated equipment for each hand-held product, as well as walk-behind mowers; Usage of propane-powered equipment provided for riding mowers
  5. Classification data
    1. Number of employees during the season
    2. Number of trucks
    3. Region

Product-types or sizes

  • String trimmers: straight shaft or bent shaft
  • Portable blowers: backpack or hand-held
  • Pole saw pruners: extendable or fixed length
  • Hedge trimmers: single- or double-sided
    • bar length: under 16″, 16″-24″, 25″-36″, over 36″
  • Lawn edgers: walk-behind or hand-held
  • Chain saws: bar length; 12” or under, 13”-14”, 15”-18”, 18+” handle location
  • Walk-behind mowers: cutting width; 19” or under, 20”-24”, 25”-29”, 30”-35”, 36” & over
  • Riding mowers: type; stand-on or sit-down
    • Stand-on cutting width: 42” or less, 43”-48”, 49”-54”, 55”-61”, 62″ & over
    • Sit-down cutting width: 30”-39”, 40”-44”, 45”-49”, 50”-59”, 60″ & over

Reports are available individually for each of the products.  Discounted pricing is available when purchasing two or more OPE Commercial Market reports.

For more information, including a detailed outline, and/or to purchase, please contact Irwin Broh Research.


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