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Marketing Research For Associations

Irwin Broh Research has been conducting timely and useful marketing research for associations for over four decades.  Our research has helped associations improve services for its members and be a source of reliable information for government relations, public affairs, marketing and advertising.

Below are some examples of projects we have completed for associations; maybe your association could benefit from similar marketing research.

Market Statistics

  • Objective: Collect information, such as market size and trends, to help identify the association as an authoritative source of market data
  • Method/approach: Member and/or consumer surveys
  • Results: Published as detailed reports and/or shared with media

Economic and Social Trends

  • Objective: Measure impact of economic, social and lifestyle trends on specific industry
  • Method/approach: Quarterly consumer survey
  • Results: Released by the association quarterly and used to help identify potential factors affecting their industry

Market Evaluation and Opportunity

  • Objective: Comprehensive market studies designed to provide market insight and identify opportunities for growth
  • Method/approach: Could be consumer and/or B2B surveys
  • Results: Serve as a a marketing tool for association members (small business owners) who benefit from this information but are unable to conduct the research themselves.

Trade shows

  • Objective: Understand the opinions of both, exhibitors and attendees, with regard to trade shows
  • Method/approach: Survey conducted among these groups to determine their attitudes towards show specifics such as show dates and, location.
  • Results: Utilized by the association to improve and create future shows which deliver the best experience for exhibitors and attendees

Member Statistics and Needs

  • Objective: Broad-scope survey to gauge opinions of the full range of membership benefits and association services OR narrower in scope, focusing on specific topics such as software used, employee benefits, etc.
  • Method/approach: Survey conducted with associations’ members
  • Results: Allow associations to best meet the needs of their membership to the fullest extent

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